6 reasons your Bath and Body products need Cleaning

We’re quick to get rid-off make-up that we feel is causing skin-irritation or might contain chemicals that are toxic but most of the bath and body products we use during bathing and afterwards, expose us more directly to toxins in a number of ways. A lot of times they are the most significant contributors to the damage, in terms of potential hormone disrupting, cancer-causing, unregulated (and often-unlabeled in case of some Ayurvedic), toxic compounds.

The level of exposure depends on how often you shower or bathe and the number of products you use, but it adds up quickly. The conventional skincare industry’s argument is that “the dose makes the poison”, a.k.a, in trace quantities these chemicals are considered “safe to use”. This argument is a weak one in this case, as the dose for most people, especially women, is very high—often daily, involving multiple products used all over the body.

Here are six reasons why the shower is the best place to start swapping the Dirty chemicals for Safer, Non-Toxic options-

1. Wet skin is super-absorbent skin

When you bathe or shower, your skin is wet. Wet skin absorbs significantly more of whatever you put on it—and absorbs it deeper into skin (That’s the reason you’re advised to apply body cream while your skin is still damp).

2. Skin Cleaning products contain detergents & exfoliants. This combined with hot water makes the skin more vulnerable to damage.

Heat combined with the harsh surfactants (the stuff that makes bubbles in all cleansers like shampoo and body wash) and the exfoliants—from scrubs to a plain old loofah—all further open up skin to even deeper absorption.

3. You’re inhaling Chemicals

The products that you’re applying- body wash, face-wash, shampoo, conditioner are also being absorbed through your lungs and nasal passageway in addition to your skin.

4. You’re covering your whole body

While make-up like an eye-pencil or mineral-powder might contain ingredients you want to avoid, but the amount you apply is far, far less than body wash, lotion, or even shampoo.

5. Synthetic, Toxic Fragrance

Think of the way you buy a shampoo, body wash, or even plain old soap: you open it up and smell it. That’s the reason, most products in this category are heavily fragranced. Fragrances, not only irritate the skin and lungs but can contain a very toxic class of chemicals known as Phthalates.

6. Tons of Preservatives

Think about it, often beauty products are left open or without the lids tightly shut in a warm and moist bathroom environment that is a breeding ground for bacteria. To make products last in this environment, beauty companies use some very strong preservatives.

Clean beauty companies preserve hair and body products, too, but with non-toxic alternatives. Why haven’t the conventional companies switched?- it’s cheaper to use the toxic preservatives.

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