Deodorants Might be Making You ill

It’s meant to make you smell fresher. But scientists claim that deodorant may be doing more than just that – it could be making you ill. The active aluminum-based ingredient in deodorants temporarily plugs the sweat glands and that’s how it prevents you from perspiring. These aluminum-based chemicals are absorbed into the skin, especially if there is a nick from shaving. They propose that the harmful ingredients may increase the risk of breast cancer, since they are applied to the armpit and therefore, absorbed into an area next to the breast.

Aluminum-based compounds that are applied and absorbed near the breast can cause estrogen-like effects. Since the hormone estrogen could promote the growth of breast cancer cells, it’s therefore, possible that these aluminum-based chemicals in deodorants may contribute to breast cancer.

Most commercial deodorants contain aluminum. The risk of aluminum centered around Alzheimer’s, which is a degenerative form of dementia mostly affecting persons over 65 years of age. The large amounts of aluminum can contribute to nerve toxicity and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

Besides some issues like headaches, dizziness, nausea, congestion, and rashes, the fragrance chemicals have been shown to block testosterone activity, erectile dysfunction, or problems building muscles.

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