Getting Smarter about beauty: Why I Switched to Natural Skin and Hair Care

I am a lover of all things girly and pretty and my splurges in life have been, awesomely packaged bottles of hair products that promised thicker hair and under eye creams that were going to take away the fine-lines under my eyes (a big motivator for this was to look better in my pictures on Facebook).

I confess to having spent, absurd amounts on skin and hair treatments at dermatologists and buying under-eye creams worth a small-fortune, eagerly awaiting to see the dramatic results that they promised.

After being disappointed with most of them and only getting temporary results with a few, I realized that my approach of finding a ‘quick-fix’ would only get me that- ‘a quick-fix’.

Changing my approach to beauty meant a substantial change in the way I lived my life. This was an intimidating thought at that time, as I was skeptical of the “chemical-free”, “healthy” way of doing things and would go back to my old ways, only to get frustrated with life, yet again.

Yeah….this went on for a while, till the realization that change, as scary as it seemed, could start with a simple shift in looking at things differently. I started looking at my skin and hair and then my body in totality, and as if for the first time, realized their interconnection. The fact that my skin and hair could only be better-looking when my entire body became healthier and better-looking became apparent. Then on, all the choices between healthy and unhealthy got easier.

I started fixing what was broken in my health – my thyroid was a little off range, my weight was a little more than it should have been, my hormones were a little off because of the PCOS and my knees and back hurt making exercise a big pain (literally 😉 ).

All these did not seem related to my physical appearance/beauty to me at the time, but the more I learnt, the more I realized – that there was only one way to looking-better and that started with taking care of all of me, and not just my skin and hair.

I am 35 years old today and feel younger than I did at 25. I am frequently told that I look younger than my years, so the life changes have been totally worth it.

I got smarter about beauty and began to understand how ‘my body’ interacted with different foods, what diet worked, what didn’t, I learnt that glowing skin and thicker hair was achieved with healthy proteins and fats and not with “caffeine shampoo”, “stretch-mark removal” and under-eye creams. While these products definitely create the much needed convenience in our fast-paced lives, they also expose us to the very chemicals that damage our health and consequently our skin and hair.

I began examining the very basic items I used daily – you know the ones that you simply cannot do without, like shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. They were all loaded with chemicals that could make my hormones crazy. Suddenly “healthy” was not so easy again.

I started looking for healthier options but couldn’t really find any. Most of what was available in India was loaded with toxic chemicals, the kitchen-remedies were inconvenient, the imported versions  were beyond my budget and asking friends and family to carry so many bottles when they traveled abroad, was really not practical for these daily needs… phew!

Thus came about Best Life, the idea that healthier choices had to be convenient, affordable and accessible. As a consumer I felt let down by the brands that I had trusted. Women, whose bodies are extra sensitive to chemicals (read hormonal imbalance), deserved to know what they were putting on their bodies and make more informed choices about their health.

While a huge part of looking-better with age, comes from giving the skin and hair vital nutrients (I shall keep posting as many articles about this as I possibly can), beauty products play a vital role to help our skin and hair maintain essential moisture and prevent environmental damage caused by dust, pollution, dry weather, UV rays etc.

Our skin and hair absorb any applied product within 26 seconds. Yes, your read that right. That is so much faster than the time it takes for our digestive systems to absorb food. Therefore it is really important to feed our skin and hair the right nutrients and to NOT feed them CHEMICALS via products..

A new way of life has emerged for me now and only the essentials of natural skin and hair-care are a part of my routine. My dresser and bathroom are mostly stocked with essential oils, body oils and vitamins (these are super-important, will be doing another post on them). The only skin and hair cleansers I now use, are the chemical-free products that I make.

With Best Life, my aim is not just to provide healthier options to chemical loaded products but to create awareness, especially among women to question the products they use, as they have the maximum exposure to these chemicals through cosmetics.

I hope you will try these products and experience the difference that I have in the long-term betterment of my appearance and overall health. Even though I did initially feel like I was depriving myself of some things that others seemed to be consuming, the rewards of switching to a cleaner lifestyle have been enormous and I feel responsible to generate awareness around the issue of getting smarter about beauty.

Please feel free to get in touch with me personally, I would love to hear from you about your journey in getting smarter about beauty and what you would want in your ideal skin, hair and body care range or with any other issue, where you feel my experience might add value.

Hope to hear from you real soon and wishing you the very best in life and health.

Founder, Best Life

P.S.- I personally respond to emails

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